Navigator Staff


Peter Trautmann
NYC Collegiate Director

Peter is a graduate of NYU and has received his Master of Divinity at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary . He joined the staff of The Navigators so that he could provide others the same kind of authentic community that was so transformative for him in his college years. He loves John 10:10 where Jesus says, “I came that they may have life, and have it to the full.” 


Brendan and Rachel Mahar
NYU Campus Director

Brendan and Rachel have been married since 2012, and both have been involved with The Navigators since their freshmen year of college.  Brendan grew up across the US, London, and Australia and graduated from Marymount Manhattan in 2011.  Rachel is from Newport Beach, California and graduated from NYU in 2012.  Their passions include art, history, philosophy, and Settlers of Catan.



Leann Sebald
Associate Campus Director

Leann is a recent graduate of Marymount Manhattan College, where her study focused on dance, biology and psychology. She was involved in the Christian Fellowship at Marymount and NYU throughout her college years. Coming from a small town in Pennsylvania, she found a new home in the city through the loving community that exists within the Navigators. Serving on EDGE Corps, Leann hopes to come alongside students and support them as they transition and grow during their time in school. 

Joel Geib
Staff in Training

Joel grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, the mountains of east Tennessee, and eastern North Carolina. He graduated from Calvin College in 2008, and received his Master of Arts in Theology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2014. Joel is very excited to call New York City home. He loves good music, cooking, gardening, reading Dorothy Sayers, and exploring new neighborhoods on his bike.



Sarah Terning
Staff in Training

Sarah Terning is a recent graduate of Belmont University, where she majored in Classical Violin Performance.  Sarah entered college desiring to find a community and place to grow spiritually.  She met the Navigators her freshman year and experienced one-on-one discipleship that transformed her life.  As a Navs staff member, Sarah is excited to support and invest in students as they grow and learn in the influential city of New York.  Sarah enjoys being outside and has been known to occasionally adopt pet snails.  

Benjamin Ness
Staff Intern


Ben loves adventure, but not as much as he loves people and seeing them live a full life. Ben grew up trying to figure out what it meant to have that full life, and found that with the help of his Christian mentors. It his my joy to be able to do that for others now. A fun fact about Ben is that he once gained 14 pounds in 20 hours. Two random things that I love to do when I get the chance are skydiving and downhill skiing.

Cydney Swain
Staff Intern


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